Brand Book
At Alsea, we want to be closer to our customers every day, teach them what we do, what we think and what we dream.

Share our philosophy of life and the way we see the world.

Creating a business model that generates value, uniting our efforts to generate well-being and positively impacting our planet.

We want every meeting to turn into a smile, in a moment to share, with the opportunity to spread our enthusiasm to build a better future together...
Our DNA is in our purpose,
which means...

Enjoy doing what we do best, do everything to make sure our customers are happy, experience happiness in every detail and be passionate about results.

Its use will always be in white on a colored background, solid or gradient, taking care of its correct legibility at all times.


Our values are the unique characteristics that distinguish us and guide us towards our goals; they represent our way of being and doing things.
Today we
offer you
The new
Alsea Brand Book
Our new visual identity system is a bold and fresh update to our brand; connects the essence of our history with our vision of the future, and an inspiration to help you consistently create experiences for everyone who sees, lives and tastes Alsea and its brands worldwide.

Our brand strategy is the basis of what we are and how we express our identity. Use it as a guide to creating visual communication pieces with the creative freedom to experiment with clear rules, tools, graphic resources, and application examples to ensure collective work and successfully implement everything we do at Alsea.