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Code of Ethics

In Alsea we create, work and make different experiences come true to enrich the moments and spaces that our customers share. This make sense when our collaborators are pride, belonging and identity with our company.

The development of Alsea culture is an indispensable element for success and to develop an authentic competitive advantage. We are the ones who practice, characterize and apply the daily way from any brand or country in which we operate and collaborate with Alsea.

Each person is the living expression of our values. That is why it is very important for us to know the Code of Ethics, in this way so that you can understand and consider the standards of conduct that we promote and wish to establish in our daily actions in the organization.

This code is a guide for you, as it is for us. Here is our aspiration to be a company in which it is related to Winning Attitude, Engaged Leadership, Surprising Service, Collaborative Spirit and Attention to Detail, Generating results in a correct way for the benefit of our customers, collaborators, shareholders and community in general.

We are convinced that we live Alsea values ​​to build a culture based on high ethical standards, to strengthen a positive work environment and a healthy coexistence.

We all want a better place to work, with equal opportunities. Therefore, we invite you to work day by day with ethics and responsibility, complying with the guidelines indicated in this document.

We must live the Alsea Principles to build the organization that we want.

Alberto Torrado

Executive President

Armando Torrado
CEO Alsea