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Committed to the environment, we work every day applying excellence management in the processes of our Stores, Distribution Centers and Corporate.

We promote the efficient use of natural resources and appropriate technologies to provide competitive advantages as a success factor in the creation of value, as well as mitigating the negative effects that our operation, by its nature, could represent.


Committed to climate change mitigation and decarbonization in its activities, maintains a line of action for the entire company according to the Environmental Policy with the following activities:

During 2022 our approximate energy consumption was 260 GWh from:

Clean energy
Renewable energy
Conventional energy


At Alsea we work every day to reduce the water footprint of the company, for which we implement global campaigns to raise awareness of its good use and management among our employees; supported by the evaluation of new technologies for the reduction, treatment and reuse of this important resource.

Alsea is currently evaluating the installation of 10 water treatment plants, in addition to investing in flow restrictors in order to contribute to this indicator.


Alsea, knowing the importance of proper waste management to avoid health problems, pollution and damage to the environment, promotes among its employees the correct waste separation and recycling.

The company has been following up on the used cooking vegetable oil collection program since 2013, which is used for Biodiesel generation.

The company is part of the program "Get Smart with your City" implemented by the Ministry of the Environment of Mexico City, through which the company disposes waste in a responsible manner.


We recognize the importance of minimizing the waste generated by the nature of our operation; therefore, in all our units, we encourage the use of recyclable materials for service supplies (napkins and tablecloths) as well as for packaging and packing.

Cooking vegetable oil collection

Since 2013 the company has a collection program of cooking vegetable oil generated in the operation of its different establishments. From 2013 to 2022 7.8 million liters of oil have been recovered.

This oil is mainly used for Biodiesel generation. During 2022 802 thousand liters of cooking vegetable oil were collected, avoiding the contamination of 32 million liters of water.