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The growth pillar of our sustainability strategy addresses issues related to the operation of responsible brands that offer professional service, as well as products of the highest quality and safety thanks to the support of a leading supply chain in the sector.

It also integrates the commitments of having the preferred restaurant brands of consumers seeking delicious and balanced options, offering menu alternatives for all lifestyles and preferences of our consumers while maintaining the safest and highest quality food supply and preparation in the industry. Promoting the transparency of our food through responsible labeling and advertising practices in our restaurants and beyond.

Responsible Sourcing

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We generate shared value across our entire value chain. The relationships we establish with our suppliers, as our strategic partners in fulfilling our purpose, are the cornerstone that underpins our operation and are based on trust, compliance with our values and commitment to excellence.

Boxes with different fruits and vegetables

We comply with our health and safety commitments throughout our supply chain

tray with different fresh ingredients

We have labor, environmental and anti-corruption guidelines in place

sustainable straws package

We encourage our suppliers and invite them to adopt sustainable practices

Forklift operating in distribution center

We have a supplier approval, development and monitoring program in place

2 farmers standing in the middle of the field

We guarantee regulatory compliance in health and food safety issues

Food Quality and Safety

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At Alsea we work under the highest standards of quality and food safety and we carefully supervise our processes to guarantee the products and supplies we use in our restaurants.

We follow rigorous acquisition and audit processes to guarantee the quality of the raw materials we use to make our products.
We have traceability processes in our cold chain that ensure that the inputs are stored and distributed at the right temperature to preserve their flavor and nutritional values.
We implement strict cleaning and sanitation controls in the production areas of each phase of the process.
We have implemented protocols for the reception and storage of supplies, production processes, personal hygiene and maintenance of the facilities.

Responsible consumption

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We promote the adoption of balanced eating styles.

We offer both tasty and healthy food options.

We offer caloric information of our dishes in each menu.

Animal welfare

Free range hen

We promote practices of respect and dignified treatment of animals, adhering to welfare and zero cruelty policies:

Freedom from cages, hunger, thirst and malnutrition
Free from fear and anguish
Freedom from physical and thermal discomfort
Freedom from injury and disease
Freedom to display their natural behavior

Inclusive Spaces

4 friends enjoying a delicious meal

Our Diversity and Inclusion Policy establishes the guidelines to promote and nurture the inclusion of all people, eliminating any type of barrier and tailoring our services to meet our customers’ needs and ensure we offer them a positive experience.

Supply chain

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A fundamental part of the company's leadership in restaurant operations is the integration of our supply chain, which generates important efficiencies and a strategic advantage for our brands.

We work continuously to consolidate the current operation with an empowered and committed team that supports and is one step ahead of our future growth.

We guarantee product availability in stores and restaurants, with safety, quality by design and the best total cost, through agile, aligned and flexible processes, technologies and manufacturing, ensuring the customer experience.